Cheats of Dragon Age Inquisition for PS3


Mark a metal or skin as a valuable item. Go to any store and hit sell all, then sell (item) in quick succession. Go to the sale screen and the item will be duplicated or the amount will be 100. Repeat as many times as you want to get the desired money.

This glitch is valid for the original version, without patching. Updates can fix this error, so you can do it without updating and accumulating a significant amount before applying the patch.


Find a chest or any item with an inventory of rewards, but don’t collect everything you have, leave some. Then travel to another area of ​​the map and return, you will see that the loot has changed.

Thanks to this you can get as many items as you want and sometimes rare objects.


Andrastian Chantry
Complete Cassandra Inner Circle’s mission in Skyhold.

Complete the Avvar Tribesman trial, which is captured in The Fallow Mire after the Lost Souls mission.

Complete the Major Dedrick trial, which is captured after Still Waters at Crestwood.

Complete Vivienne Inner Circle’s tft cheat sheet .

Complete the Mistress Poulin trial, who is captured at Emprise du Lion for her business with the Red Templars.

Complete the Iron Bull Inner Circle missions.



The wrath of heaven
Complete the prologue

Opposition in everything
Close the Gap

In your heart they will burn
Survive an attack against the Inquisition

Cruel eyes, cruel hearts
Make an impression on the Orlesian court

Here lies the abyss
Face your fears in the Veil

What it has brought Pride
Reach an ancient ruin before your enemies

On fiery wings
Recruit a powerful ally to rise to the level

Beloved and dear
Deliver yourself to a romantic relationship

Those who rise
Recruit a new companion

Speak only the word
Get the Inquisition to agree to an important city to

Buy or collect 5 different mounts of any class

Craft a weapon or armor piece in 1-player mode

Enchant or upgrade a piece of equipment in 1-player mode

Complete an assignment operation on the war table

Discover a free camp and turn it into a camp of the Inquisition in a wild area

Lynx Eyes
Find and retrieve a fragment identified by an

Educated ocularum
Discover a Rune of Fire from the

Skilled Veil
Upgrade any technique once in

Specialized 1 player mode
Choose a class specialization

Obtain a mount

Match between classes with a character you are controlling in 1-player mode

Harvest 50 herbs from the Gardens of Heavenly Feud in a single match

Dragon Hunter
Kill a heavenly dragon in 1-player mode

Purchase a new decoration item for Celestial Feud

The Soul of the Party
Earn the highest approval of the Orlesian Court Smasher

a single hit that deals over 1000 damage in 1-player mode

Master Builder
Craft something with grade 4 materials in each non-master space in 1 player mode

Master Alchemist
Upgrade your potions, grenades, or alchemical tonics 30 times in a single full game

Unlock 15 astrars in a single full game

Spend 10 points on the same technique tree with a single character in 1-player mode

Get 50,000 gold or more among all your 1 player mode games

Master of the Keys
Access the heart of the Solasan Temple

Discover a free camp and turn it into a camp of the Inquisition in 10 wild zones

Unleash 3 castles in a single complete game

High Commander
Complete 50 operations in a single

Regio full game

upgrade a Persuasive Throne
Obtain 10 Agents of the Inquisition in a single full match

Make friends with at least 3 people from your inner circle in a single full match

Master of Wisdom
Get 250 Codex Entries in a single full match Defeat

1,000 Demons in 1 Player Mode

Defeat 2,500 Enemies in 1 Player Mode

Complete 20 requirements in a single full game


Brightest in his era
Recruit as many companions as possible in a single full match

Scourge of Dragons
Kill 10 Heavenly Dragons in 1-Player Mode

Complete the 1-Player Campaign on Hard or above without lowering the

Veteran Difficulty
Reach level 20 in 1-Player Mode

Take the Inquisition to Rank 10

Marked for greatness
Seal 75 cracks in a single game


Condemnation of the whole world End
the threat once and for all

Complete the single player campaign at Nightmare level without lowering the

Platinum difficulty Platinum

Get the rest of the game trophies